Türk Bayrağı
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We manufacture wood processing machines with 36 years of experience, following the industry standards, needs and technologies. Our products are innovative, top-quality and possess high efficiency.

The utmost quality and long lifespan result in the cost being returned many times over. All of our products are manufactured with CE Standards.
In order to ensure excellent product services and client satisfaction, we concentrate much effort into product maintenance.
We know that in order to be in the future the present must be utilized well, with that in mind we prepare for tomorrow.
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Our products are put on display in our store to allow clients fast accessibility. Clients can see, compare and examine a broad range of products.
Our priority is to provide solutions to the client needs, we work non-stop to provide that. In order to respond to all kinds of customer demands, we maintain a large selection of product functionality.
To be able to cope with such a huge scale we also sell machines with many different types and brands other than those we manufacture.
In conclusion, our store is the right address where quality products are delivered with reasonable cost and flexible payment options.

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Our company strictly follows and participates in leading exhibitions in our line of work. These exhibitions allow us to determine the needs and developments in the industry.
According to these needs we direct our design & manufacturing process. After then we introduce those new products to the industry.
These exhibitions also provide marketing insight and advertisement options, along with means to come together with our dear customer base. We await for you in the 5-9 October 2013 Wood
Processing Machinery Exhibition, second hall 209/A counter
where you can expect a warm welcome and have a chance to experience our creations.